Veterinary services

Professional veterinary care in Market Bosworth

Professional veterinary care in Market Bosworth

If you are looking for expert veterinary care, get in touch with Ambion Veterinary Centre. From health check-ups to vaccination, our experts can provide exceptional care to your pets.
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Our veterinary services include:

  • Disease preventive treatments
  • Routine health checks
  • Annual booster vaccinations 
  • Dental check and oral hygiene check
  • Flea, worming and tick treatments
  • Weight and food advice
Flea, worming and tick treatments

Expert diagnosis and treatments

At our veterinary clinic, we pride ourselves on providing your pets with a premium service. We use state-of-the-art equipment to treat your pets. You can be sure of getting high standard of care, whether it is a regular check up or special operation. Our veterinarians are highly qualified in treating a wide range of animals, so if your pet is not feeling well, we can help in recovering its health, meet the team today. We are based in Market Bosworth and serve across Leicestershire and Warwickshire.
Expert diagnosis and treatments
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At Ambion Veterinary Centre, we provide affordable veterinary services in Market Bosworth. For more information call us now on
01455 292 928

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